Welcome to The Crystal Chronicle, a news organization maintained for Adventurers and Citizens alike. From the ever-looming threat of the Empire to the long-awaited marriage of the pair you have seen walking the streets of Ul’dah, it all matters. Our mission is to bring Eorzea closer together by investigating and reporting the happenings both at home and abroad while making that information accurate and reliable as Eorzea – and the world – changes.


The staff at The Crystal Chronicle has been working tirelessly to develop a system to bring you, the reader, consistent and regular updates on the happenings around the world. From the managerial staff working hard on the hiring process – that includes seeking diverse people with diverse interests to stay tuned to as much as possible – to our reporters and artists who work with the editorial staff in developing a paper that we are proud of while our security keeps an eye out for potential dangers in the line of our work. Each member of our organization is an essential aspect to delivering our goal of excellence and diversity.


Despite our efforts to achieve excellence and cover a wide-ranging scope, our world is vast and there are so many things happening at any given time. Any tips or information you have is more than welcome. We will take the time to investigate everything we can. Send us your happy news, your sad news, your disturbing news, your scary news, your celebratory news. Remember: It all matters.


– Deidra Rose

«Press» is a newspaper-themed free company on the FFXIV RP server Balmung. We provide reporting services for all of the interesting things that are happening around our world. Within these pages you can find information about who we are and how we operate. Here are some quick notes to get you started:


  • FC Rank 8
  • 24/7 Double Buffs
  • Weekly RP Events
  • PvE Content
  • Strictly No Spoilers
  • Primarily US-East
  • OOC FC Chat
  • IC Linkshells
  • Scenic Office Location
  • Adult-oriented, No ERP


If you would like further information that is not offered here please reach out to any company member in-game so they can put you in contact with a representative!