Free Company Chat, Linkshells, and Discord

Communication is very important for most FCs and RP groups to function correctly, and it is especially important for the production of The Crystal Chronicle. This policy provides information on how each communication channel available to our association is to be used.


Please ensure that you have read this policy in its entirety. Failure to follow this policy can lead to immediate dismissal from the company or termination of freelancer status.


Table of Contents

How are spoilers treated in chat?


As an RP-focused free company we have many members who are very invested in the story line. We have a strict ‘no spoilers’ policy in order to allow those members to fully enjoy the story as they progress through the game. This means that you are expected to keep spoilers out of all chat channels, both in-game and out-of-game.


We understand that a slip-up may occur from time to time when discussing story information so each infraction will be reviewed individually. A malicious intent to purposefully spoil story information can lead to dismissal from the company on first offense.


We do have one exception to this rule – the #spoilers Discord channel. This is an optional channel that you can join to discuss anything that may be considered spoilers.

How are adult topics treated in chat?


While we do not restrict players from joining the company based on their age it is important to note that the majority of our users are adults. As such it is very likely that chat will contain adult topics or language that might not be suitable for younger players.


We do not heavily police topics/language but we do ask members to stay within reasonable limits.

  • DO NOT BE OVERLY VULGAR – The over-use of adult language is frowned upon (stringing together vulgarities for the sake of being vulgar.)
  • DO NOT BE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT – We do allow flirtatious text/euphemisms but will not tolerate explicitly detailed posts. This is also known as the NO ERP rule.
  • DO NOT POST PORNOGRAPHY – We do allow NSFW content, but blatant pornography will not be tolerated.

How are politics and religion treated in chat?


We ask that everyone do their best to stay away from topics of politics and religion. Our member base is made up of players from all over the world with differing backgrounds. While it is possible to have civilized discussion about these topics it can also quickly escalate unnecessarily!


These themes are often used in RP groups we interact with, so discussions regarding politics and religion are allowed if done in an RP context.

What are the Free Company Chat rules?


The Free Company Chat, which is only accessible to members of the company, is regarded as an OOC channel. The use of chat macros is highly discouraged in FC chat. Other than the rules listed above there are no additional restrictions on this chat channel.

What are the TCC Long Distance Communication (LDC) Linkshell rules?


The TCC LDC Linkshell, which is only accessible to members of the company, is regarded as an IC channel. This channel is the IC-equivalent of the FC chat and is available for general RP purposes related to the company.

What are the TCC Extended Long Distance Communication (ELDC) Linkshell rules?


The TCC ELDC Linkshell, which is accessible to members of the company, freelancers, or other special representatives, is regarded as an IC channel. This channel is typically used during distribution days so that the teams can stay organized while promoting the paper in their assigned locations, but it is also available for general RP purposes related to the company.

What are the Discord rules?


The Discord server, which is accessible to members of the company, freelancers, and other special representatives, is regarded as an OOC communication tool.


Each text channel has a designated purpose and is accessible by certain types of users.

  • #common
    • Accessible to all roles
    • – All general chatter goes here
  • #share_with_us
    • Accessible to all roles
    • – A place to post all links, images, videos, etc.
  • #spoilers
    • Accessible to all roles
    • – The only channel in which spoilers are allowed to be discussed
  • #newspaper
    • Accessible to all FC members and freelancers
    • – All things paper related
  • #pve
    • Accessible to all FC members
    • – An area for organizing PvE groups
  • #ooc_events
    • Accessible to all FC members
    • – A place to organize any OOC events


Each voice channel starts with a short (tag) that provides a guideline on how the channel should be used. The names of the channels may change, but the (tag) will always be there to guide you. We may also periodically create temporary rooms as needed for specific purposes.

  • (C) – Common
    • – Used for general chatter
  • (D) – Dungeons
    • – Used for group content
  • (Paper) – Newspaper
    • – Used strictly for work purposes
  • (AFK) – AFK
    • – Used for AFK
  • (O) – Officer
    • – Used for officer communication


We ask that everyone makes an effort to move your party into an open (D) channel if you were previously chatting in a (C)channel, so that we can keep the other channels clear. When your party has completed their task you should also make an effort to move back into the (C) channels.


While the (D) tag is short for dungeon, these channels can be used for any group content. Dungeons, PvP, questing, attending an event together, etc.


The (Paper) channel is used for work purposes, and will be strictly policed. We ask that common chatter, excessive jokes, or anything else off-topic is not expressed here!


Lastly, we ask that you use discretion if the (D) or (Paper) channels are already in use. We often have a lot of people in voice chat, and we want everyone to use channels for their intended purposes while feeling comfortable that they’re not going to get interrupted, which sometimes means that you may need to wait until a friend has returned to a (C) channel before you can chat with them.