Treasure Hunts

We periodically enjoy getting together to hunt for treasure in the open world and to explore the depths of the Lost Canals of Uznair dungeon. The intent of FC-sponsored treasure hunting is to generate gil and allocate items in a way that directly benefits the FC (primarily) and FC members (secondarily.) The following ruleset is designed to clarify ways that participating members can roll for loot that is not automatically allocated to them.


Please ensure that you have read all the rules fully before agreeing to participate in a treasure hunt session sponsored by the Free Company.


Table of Contents

What can I GREED on?  What can I NEED on?


General Rules

  • You may GREED/PASS on any item that drops.
  • If you NEED on a drop with the intent to sell the item then you are not in alignment with the intent of the session. Treasure hunting is already very lucrative so we would like to do our best to ensure that item drops benefit the participants or the free company directly.
  • If you win an item through a GREED roll you are welcome to do whatever you’d like with that item, which includes selling it.


Quest Item Rules

  • You may NEED on any quest item that drops if you are currently on the phase of the quest that corresponds to the item.
  • If no participants are currently on the corresponding quest phase then any participant may NEED.


Crafting Material Rules

  • You may NEED on any crafting material that you have the immediate ability to use; you are not required to have the immediate desire to use the item. For clarity this means you may NEED if you have the correct class and level to use the material, even if you aren’t planning to immediately craft an item. If you are still in the process of leveling a class and none of your currently available recipes require the material then you may only GREED.


Minion and Mount Rules

  • You may NEED on any minion or mount that drops if you currently do not have it.


Furnishings Rules

Any Officer(s) present will decide if the item is desired for the FC housing and rolls will proceed as follows:

  • If the item is found to be desired the presiding Officer(s) may roll NEED. If an Officer has rolled NEED no other participants may NEED.
  • If the item is not desired for the FC housing you may roll NEED if you currently have personal housing. Officers may roll NEED as well if they desire the item for their own personal housing.

What does a “session” consist of?  Do the rules change?


A session is defined as a set of subsequent treasure hunts. We typically run 5-10 Timeworn Gazelleskin maps during a single session.

  • The rules are allowed to be adjusted between sessions. While we will make our best effort to notify participants of changes it is ultimately your responsibility to review the rules before agreeing to participate.
  • Rules are not allowed to be adjusted during a session that has already started. Once the group has read and agreed to the rules all participants will be bound to that ruleset until the session has ended.

Other than agreeing to the rules, what requirements are there for participating?


To participate in FC-sponsored treasure hunts you must be able to access Stormblood areas (meaning you must have purchased the expansion and finished the required questlines for unlocking zones.) There is no level requirement or quest completion needed to participate in treasure maps, other than the requirements needing to be fulfilled for unlocking zones.


Please note that Timeworn Gazelleskin maps spawn level 70 content so participants who are at level 70 will be preferred over those who are under-leveled.

What happens if I break a rule?  What if I break a rule by accident?


Violation of these rules will be handled as follows:

  • If the participant in violation immediately rectifies the situation, after being notified of the violation, there will be no action taken (Ex: If a participant incorrectly rolls NEED on an item they do not qualify for a notice will be provided to that participant. If the participant immediately trades the item to the next most qualified participant they will not be found in violation of the ruleset.)
  • If the participant in violation does not immediately rectify the situation, after being notified of the violation, they will be removed from the group and not invited to participate in future sessions. Please note that a situation in which a participant is removed from the treasure hunting group does count as an infraction against our overall FC rules and could potentially lead to dismissal from the FC.

When do these rules apply?  Can I donate my map to the session?


The set of rules defined above only apply when participating in FC-sponsored sessions.  Before each session any Officer(s) present will ask all potential participants to review and agree to the rules. If you were not asked to review and agree to the rules then you are not participating in an FC-sponsored session.


If you have a map that you would like to donate to the session you must agree to be bound by the ruleset. If you do not want to run your map under these rules you will be asked to start another treasure hunting group at another time (after the FC-sponsored session has finished you may ask anyone to participate in your map.) Any Officer(s) present will make it clear when the FC-sponsored session has ended and participants are no longer bound by the ruleset.

What is treasure hunting?  What is a map?  What are the Lost Canals of Uznair?


Treasure hunting is a PvE activity that is available via the maps system.  For more information please search online or ask questions in /fc chat.

  • To decipher a map you must complete the level 36 quest ‘Treasures and Tribulations’, given by H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea (x21, y12.)
  • To gather the lowest tier map you must be able to interact with level 40 gathering nodes(mining/botany) or locations (fishing.) The maps are randomly found when interacting with a node.
  • To gather the highest tier map (Timeworn Gazelleskin) you must be able to interact with level 70 gathering nodes or locations.
  • The Lost Canals of Uznair is a dungeon which is only accessible by completing a Timeworn Gazelleskin map (the portal entrance has a 50% chance to appear when completing the map.) If you want to know more you’ll have to visit the Lost Canals of Uznair yourself!