How Does It Work?


Getting the news out to all of Eorzea is made possible due to the dedication and teamwork shown by members of Press and our freelancer network. Each cycle we follow a complex process, summarized on this page for review, which allows us to create the newspaper that so many readers enjoy.


((This page contains some OOC information about how our news cycle works. This process contains many intricacies that have not been included in order to avoid over-inflating this page. Participating members will receive further information and guidance along the way when joining us.))

Step 1 – Gather Leads

Before a newspaper can be printed an article must be written, and before an article can be written a lead for a great story must be found! Leads can be collected from almost anywhere; in idle conversation overheard in the streets, on flyers posted on tavern walls, and even randomly stumbled upon while going about your normal day! The Tipsters Department is responsible for listening to the whispers of Eorzea and getting a reporter to investigate potential story leads.


((On Monday nights we gather on Discord to discuss leads for the week ahead of us. To participate you must be able to join the voice chat, but you are not required to speak. During this meeting we will look at the list of currently available leads and discuss who is interested, and available, to cover the articles. At the end of the Leads discussion most participants will have an assignment that takes place in the coming week or very soon in the future.))

Step 2 – Report, Represent, Stay Safe

At the heart of a newspaper are the stories that are reported. With quill and paper always at hand the members of the Writing Department are ready to jump on to leads, ask investigative questions, and craft engaging articles for our readers. Writers may have specialties that they enjoy covering, but they are encouraged to explore stories that fall outside of their norm.


A story can be much more than words alone. The Art Department provides pictures in a wide range of mediums to accompany articles, making good stories into great ones. Art imbues a story with another level of detail that writers can’t achieve through words, and it’s great for our younger readers who enjoy visual stories!


Danger can rear its ugly head at almost any given moment. The Security Department ensures that members of our company can do their job safely. They can provide bodyguard services to writers during interviews with dangerous criminals, to distributors passing out fresh copies of the paper in less-reputable areas, or to any member who requests their presence during assignments.


((It’s now time to go gather all your article content, typically done via RP. Writers will need to contact, meet, and interview the applicable people to put their content together. Artists who are providing materials for a written article will also need to assist in this process, or handle it entirely themselves if they are submitting a photojournalism article. If security is available/needed for an assignment the writers/artists should ask for help, and Security should make an effort to be available/present during these assignments even if a request was not specifically made in advance.


After the content has been sourced the writer/artist will use the information/materials they’ve collected to create an article. Writers may submit their content in several ways, such as formal news essays, informational pieces, interview-style articles, etc. Artists may submit their content in several ways as well, such as screenshots, digital art, scanned hand-drawn art, etc.))

Step 3 – Edit the Content

All contributions that are edition-bound run through a formal revision process where the Editing Department ensures that content is high-quality and ready for our readers. Writers and artists must meet strict deadlines to ensure their content can be reviewed in a timely manner, otherwise they’ll be pushed off to the next edition cycle.


((All article content is submitted to our Google Drive folder, which is a free-to-use file repository available via the web. Once content is submitted the assigned editor will review to ensure it is edition-ready. Your editor will leave feedback on your article so that you can refine your content, and in some cases the editor will manually adjust the content, such as in the case of minor typos/sentence adjustments or if deadlines have passed. Deadlines are Friday or Saturday, depending on the type of content being submitted.))

Step 4 – Create a Layout, Man the Presses

After all the stories and art have been edited the Technology Department designs a layout and gets the presses working to print out bundles and bundles of fresh editions for all of Eorzea to enjoy. The freshly printed and bundled editions are divided up and transported to the distribution center.


((On Sunday morning, the final list of edition-ready articles and all of the corresponding content is moved into another folder so the edition designer can begin building out the PDF. Once completed the file is uploaded to the website in a protected area, which will not be made publicly accessible until distribution has started.))

Step 5 – Share the News

The last step in the production process is the spreading of the news to all of Eorzea. The Distribution Department coordinates how each edition is circulated to our readers and to those who haven’t encountered us before. During the pre-distribution meeting members are teamed up with a body guard, if required/requested, and assigned a location. The teams then move to their assigned spots and begin to share the news.


((On Sunday evening, prior to the start of distribution all available members will meet at a designated spot, typically the FC house, to discuss their distribution assignment. If there are enough bodies, members will be posted to each of the major cities, or other populated areas, where they will use a number of methods to notify the public of the new edition. We encourage distributors to use move around their assigned locations while using /say, /yell, and /em to spread the word! It is of utmost importance to notify the public without spamming, so you should avoid /yelling in the same area repetitively and you should NEVER use /shout.))

Step 6 – Enjoy the Bubbly

There’s actually one more step in the news cycle and that’s the after-party! After each distribution all members are invited to celebrate their hard work for the week. The location of the party changes often, but the idea is always the same: relax, have a drink, enjoy the company of your peers!


((Time to party! Most of your weekly RP will come from article assignments, but the FC after-party allows everyone some time to RP primarily with other company members. We try to vary the locations and activities to keep things interesting.))