Pre-Recruitment Information

Before applying for a position in the company we expect that you have: (1) read and agreed to our posted policies, (2) understand that all new memberships include a two-week probationary period, and (3) understand that members are expected to participate in company activities to a satisfactory degree.

Intern Overview

The mandatory probationary period at the start of your membership allows you to mingle with our staff while you explore the organization in further detail, which includes restricted access to company linkshells and Discord. During this period the Management team will review your submitted work, participation level, and general demeanor with the rest of the company. It is important that the company feels you are a good fit (and it’s important that you feel that you are a good fit!) You will undergo a formal interview some time during probation.


As an Intern you are free to delve deeper into the various departments to determine which will be your primary area of expertise (for example, if you really enjoy writing you would be listed under the Writing Department once promoted.)


What if you want to do some art or security on the side? Don’t fret! You are certainly welcome to participate in the activities/responsibilities of other departments! We encourage well-rounded members, but try not to put too much on your plate!

Member Overview

If your probationary is completed satisfactorily you will be promoted to a full Staff member under your chosen department. You will be granted full access to the IC and OOC linkshells, as well as our Discord server.


All Staff members are expected to continue participating in company activities to the best of their abilities. This means submitting articles or photos for the paper, providing security for reporters on assignments, or attending company RP sessions. Management does not hand-hold/micro-manage the Staff. For example, if you are a writer we expect you to write articles without constant supervision (use leads provided by the Tipsters Department, or find your own.) Of course, Management and other Staff members are always available to answer questions, but a certain level of autonomy is required.

Getting an Interview

You may contact any of the Management team members to start the recruitment process, though all new recruits will need to schedule a formal interview with at least one of the Directors before the end of their probationary period.


Thank you for your interest!