Freelancer Network

Our freelancer network allows us to source content and services from those who are already bound to another company or are currently unable to join us due to other circumstances. Freelancers are given access to the same tools as full company members so that they can assist in finding leads, writing articles, creating art, providing security, or assisting in distribution.
The following freelancers have contributed significantly to the paper. We deeply thank them for helping to build and spread the Chronicle across the globe!

Aegir Hlerson

Status: Active

Contributions include sourcing leads and weekly comics.

Dayuuqi Uragshi

Status: Active

Contributions include sourcing leads, submitting art pieces, and submitting photojournalism articles.

Utsunqu’ur Berry

Status: Retired

Contributions include investigating leads, writing independent articles and weekly columns, submitting art pieces, and assisting in distribution cycles.