The Crystal Chronicle is lead by a team of three Directors and two Managers, collectively called Management. Each member is responsible for at least one Department, however several responsibilities are shared across the entire team to ensure the company and the paper run as smoothly as possible.

Dae Fenris

Head of Technology and Business Director

With a background in bakery management and engineering Dae brings several years of working experience to the team. After becoming certified in Non-weaponized Automated Technology he left the Garlond Ironworks program to explore other aspects of engineering through self-study and now provides full-time services to the Chronicle.

Deidra Rose


Even as a retired adventurer Deidra continued to improve her skills, in both combat and academics, by studying at the Arcanist’s Guild and the Aethenaeum Astrologicum. She is the driving force for the Chronicle and one of the Founding Officers for the company. She is also a member of the Maelstrom Reserves.

Shio Maeda

Art Director and Head of Tipsters

An aetherologist and artist, Shio wields her skills in Sharlayan Astromancy just as easily as her sketching pencils glide across parchment. Her pictures bring new depth to articles they accompany in each edition of the Chronicle. She is also a graduate of the Studium.

Swyreyn Keltiyrn

Security Captain and Head of Distribution

An accomplished student of the Marauder and Gladiator Guilds and a former sailor under the Maelstrom, Swyeryn continues his training towards becoming a Free Paladin alongside his security duties to the Chronicle. He also provides instruction in dungeoneering to new adventurers.

Talman Chryses

Senior Reporter

Previously working in the Maelstrom as a meteorologist Talman now writes for the Chronicle while continuing his on-going research into aether flow effects. An amateur naturalist and aetherologist, with basic training in a range of magical arts, this Founding Officer takes special interest in reporting on science, magic, and education.